Sectarianism and hatred

Tawhidi brought a lot of hatred with him when he returned back to Australia, where cursing & swearing became second nature to him.

He would often insult two historical figures in particular.

  1. Umar bin al-Khattab, the second caliph in Islam.
  2. Aisha bint Abi Bakr, the daughter of the first caliph in Islam.

No doubt, the Shia are no fans of these two figures – and disassociate themselves from them, as they played big roles in the history of Islam. Umar played an instrumental role in usurping the caliphate from the rightful successor, Ali bin abi Taleb (as). While Aisha raised the sword against Imam Ali (as) during his caliphate.

However, what Tawhidi did was something unheard of among the Shia, and certainly against the teachings of the purified household of the Prophet (as), whom the Shia adhere to. Tawhidi made hatred the only fundamental foundation of everything in the religion, and reduced all of Islam to cursing these two figures.

We will post a selection of some of his outrageous comments.

Aside from these crazy posts, Tawhidi once made one of the craziest statements in the history of Islamic rhetoric – and that is the whole reason why we exist is because of la`nat bar Umar (cursing Umar). Basically, God created man just so they can curse one individual. He also made the audacious claim that Allah (swt) hates before he loves. Crazy.

When Tawhidi was on the outsiders, he made the bold claim that Umar was a homosexual, who introduced punishment for homosexuality to cover up his sexual orientation!

People wonder why many Muslims are so angered and enraged by Tawhidi. Well, if you believe all the claims Tawhidi has made are lies – and he continues to insult the ones you revere – of course you will get angry.

Many of his claims cannot be substantiated, be it in Sunni or Shia sources, and he makes up references for these as he goes. For example, most of the things claimed in the following post is either misunderstood, misquoted, or clear fabrications – and this is being said by a Shia, who has no interest in defending Abu Bakr (the first caliph) or the others.


The claims made here cannot be found in Bukhari, as Tawhidi falsely claims.

It is one thing to have an academic discussion about differences you have, while it is another to mock and insult those whom others revere, to incite hatred.

Tawhidi claims some of the things he stands for are Respect for all, building bridges between our diverse communities, and respecting other peoples beliefs. These insults are far from respectful.


Tawhidi stands for these, except with other sects within Islam.

This sort of sectarian rhetoric has been absent in Australia, and was limited to the middle-east, where bloodshed between Muslim sects was, and continues to be, common practice.

Why Australians are allowing Tawhidi to introduce sectarianism within Australia is beyond our comprehension, other than naivety.

It is ironic that he calls himself the Imam of Peace while he is full of hatred. (?!)

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