The Debate Challenge

Tawhidi continues to boast that no one will accept his debate challenge. This is a clear and blatant lie.

debate challenge

The ‘Exposing Tawhidi’ page had challenged Tawhidi to a debate on the 21st of June, 2017.

See post here:

The challenge was as follows:

Attention Imam Tawhidi / Mohammad Tawhidi

We, at Exposing Tawhidi, challenge you, Mr. Tawhidi, to a debate.

The Australian National Imams Council, have not answered your call, but we (The Shia that oppose Tawhidi) have. We accept your challenge and we ask you for a public debate.

We propose a debate where you will face off with one of our representatives, in Sydney (location TBC after Tawhidi accepts) in August.

We will have it open to the Australian Public (Muslim and Non-Muslim welcome) and have a judge/arbitrator who is also agreed upon. They can also be of any religion or denomination, as long as they are just, fair, and have NO affiliation with either party.

All claims and statements MUST be backed up with physical proof which includes legitimate scans, books, and video. However, everything must be referenced and also translated for the public to see.

The topic we specifically want to debate you on is the following:
>>>> <<<<
Is the teacher, mentor and guide to Tawhidi (Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi) a terrorist & does he support the Sacred Islamic Scriptures which contain content that supports/backs terrorism.

This debate topic will be nullified if Tawhidi publicly disassociates from Sayed Sadiq Shirazi and claims he is a terrorist. This must be done along with removing all his images and promotions of him from his office and social media accounts.
>>>> <<<<

Please note: The definition of terrorist and terrorism will be defined by Tawhidi, which should be in-line with his views from the past 6 months.

If Tawhidi wins the debate, this page will shut down and publicly declare Tawhidi the “Imam of all Australian Muslims”.

If Tawhidi loses the debate, he must remove his turban and islamic garb, resign himself from social media and close all his pages, websites and accounts, and publicly declare himself a fraud.

If Tawhidi accepts this challenge, he may message this page to begin negotiations for date and location. We cannot contact the page because all people affiliated with this page are blocked.

Now, let us see if you are a real “fake sheikh” or not.

Needless to say, Tawhidi refused to even acknowledge the debate challenge, let alone accept it. His supporters would often come to the Facebook page to mention this lack of acceptance from the Muslim community regarding Tawhidi’s challenge, yet we made it clear this was a lie. In fact, we asked them to confront Tawhidi about it. Here is a snippet of his response.


As you can see, he has now limited his debate challenge to only the sunni imams from the Australian National Imams Council.

The post above, as well as other posts – including the following – were simply deleted by him from his page and the user blocked from commenting:


It is clear that if he faced a Shia Imam or scholar, he would be exposed clearly.

We now open up the challenge to Tawhidi on any topic.

We are still yet to hear from him.