The Islamic Legal Age of Marriage

After the ABC spoke to one of the Shia Sheikhs in Sydney, who showed no support for Tawhidi, we saw that immediately after Tawhidi approach the daily mail in an attempt to discredit and Shame the Sheikh. Here is the post:

This is clearly a smear campaign and totally dishonest write up and understanding of what this event is.

This is a takleef ceremony. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with marriage. This means the child reaches the age of takleef and maturity! Tawhidi himself said this in his classes he used to present in South Australia, so he is well aware of this.

Tawhidi says: A Mukallaf is the age that a person leaves childhood and enters adulthood.

He himself said it was 9 moon-years for a female that this age turns a girl into a woman.

See min 1:28 onward where this is all explained by Tawhidi himself. THIS VIDEO IS STILL THE VALID opinion of Tawhidi, since it is still on his Zanabiyah Hawza Youtube Channel that he runs.

It is clear Tawhidi has no honesty or integrity.

After Tawhidi saw this post exposing him, he made this tweet in order to save face:


However, this only exposes him even more. That class that we showed above is based upon the teachings of the same man he revers, Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi. The Zanabiyah Hawza was funded and directed by Shirazi. If Tawhidi was brainwashed by Shirazi, for him to previously teach it, why does he continue to revere and promote Shirazi?

In one post, which Tawhidi ended up deleting, he speaks about how his secretaries 10 year old girl was wearing a headscarf, and how it was pulled off her head. Aside from this being a fabricated story in which he was exposed, you can see how this particular age of taklif is being enforced by Tawhidi and his followers!



Again, it is clear Tawhidi has no honesty or integrity.

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