Tawhidi & Taqiyyah

To begin with, we already know that when Tawhidi made the transition from being a menace no-body, to a lying media darling, that he would be concealing some of his true beliefs. He released a letter saying that he will be more active in the media, and his previous statements were ones that were true, but better off concealed. See letter here.

Tawhidi is implementing a new approach which is tantamount to lying. Look how Tawhidi explains what Taqiyyah is. In an interview with the Zionist Jew, Avi Yemini, Tawhidi defends himself from the accusations of Taqiyyah. Notice, how when he is the one under the spotlight, he goes to the lengths to say there is no taqiyyah practiced by anyone in Australia!!!

It is important to note the following:

  1. He does not believe Taqiyyah is practiced here at all.
  2. All the Muslims, be it Sunnis like Keysar Trad or others, are not doing Taqiyyah.
  3. Taqiyyah is only done when one fears his life is at stake.

Now, when Tawhidi is no longer the one who is under the spotlight, he loves to accuse everyone of Taqiyyah, even Australians!!

Notice that in one post – he makes the audacious claim that Australian Dr. Jamal Rifi, one who is known as a moderate Sunni Muslim, was accused of Taqiyyah? Why? Where was the life and death situation? He simply disagreed with one point that Tawhidi made, and Tawhidi went super-emotional, accusing him of lying to the Australian people on LIVE TV.

But hang on Tawhidi, I thought there was no such thing as Taqiyyah being practiced in Australia?? Oh, that’s right, the audiance and narrative has changed because it’s someone else under the spotlight. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Watch the video and see how Tawhidi loses the plot. So much for ‘Imam of Peace.’

To see some of his clear lies, go to the contradictions page and see the many fails and flops which show he is blatantly lying to Australia.

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