Blackmail Habits

Tawhidi has now become notorious for his blackmail and ‘naming and shaming’ tactics.

Some may wonder why people are not speaking out? Well, with the reputation Tawhidi has in striving to destroy someones life/family – people tend to worry.

For the sake of privacy and protection of these individuals, we have blacked out their names/images. This is only to demonstrate how low Tawhidi goes in getting what he wants.

One important point is, many of these accusations are false or fabricated.


Baseless accusations of a particular Sheikh from Sydney.


Naming and Shaming, despite saying he has “forgiven him from the bottom of my heart” ….



australian army lol1





The caption Tawhidi has put is: ‘Play with her.’ Tawhidi is suggesting that taking a selfie with a person of the other gender implies that there is a sexual relationship between the two.


Same as above, but this time on his twitter account – including his name.


Screenshot (8 Jun. 2017 10_51_06 am)a.jpg



When an individual was calling out Tawhidi – he went to investigate their private life and business, and made false accusations about their business, while not even using the MARA website correctly in his ‘research’.

Now, some may ask – how do we know he isn’t just sincere in calling out people he think are a threat to Australia? or how are you so sure he is fabricating them? Well, let’s have a look at a few more screenshots.


From above, you can see that Tawhidi was so infuriated by certain insults and/or exposing – that he threatened to attack the Shia – which he ended up doing. One important note also, is he mentioned that if anyone has a problem with him, to email Shirazi.

These were sent from his personal account, which Tawhidi explains in one of the comments via a questioner:

mohammad tawhidi.PNG

Also, in terms of fabrications, we took some screenshots that he posted accusing people of saying certain things. When we used software to see if the images had been tampered with, we found some had been edited. After exposing Tawhidi on this on Facebook – he deleted that image and reuploaded it and got it tested again. Well, if you delete the image, alter the metadata and upload again – then of course you can alter the results!


Although one could argue that these tests, softwares, and little hints which show they were edited cannot be proven 100% beyond doubt – we have spoken to many of those accused and they have given us confidence and proof beyond doubt that there was some editing done.


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