Tawhidi’s beard

This video is a prime example of how Tawhidi is a habitual liar, and cannot help himself creating fantasies within his head, not thinking before he speaks.

You know when you make up a lie to cover up something.. and then realise your lie sounds stupid so you lie about your lie – which makes you sound like even more of an idiot… so you lie again, and realise you have dug your grave so deep and you need to abort your lie? yeah…… that’s Tawhidi here.

Keep the following in mind.

1. Has anyone seen his wife before? He claims to be the champion of women’s rights but I really wonder what sort of wife he has. Either she is completely imaginary, he is divorced and lying about it, or he is an oppressive husband who keeps her locked up at home and spends no time with her because he is always in his office or making live videos on facebook. We know Tawhidi only claimed he got married a couple of years ago but since then everything has been a mystery… Where is this wife of yours and why don’t you be a man (the son of your father) and show her to the world – if indeed you are the champion of women’s rights?!

2. He says he never had a beard in his life…. for while…. and only has it because of his wife… lol. Pretty sure he has ALWAYS had a beard even before he claimed he got married a couple of years ago.. Liar. Check out this post he made about his past.. since when didn’t you have a beard Tawhidi? It has been over 10 years and you only (supposedly) got married a couple of years ago. Here is the post of his past. Find one without a beard?

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