Tawhidi’s ‘Go Fund Me’ Scam


The Tawhidi scam took another big leap when he started asking for donations ‘for his security’.

You can see it still running here: https://www.gofundme.com/imamtawhidi

These are some of the details of his requests, found on the page:

fundme goals

At first he was asking for 50K in donations, but dropped it to 30K after he was copping a lot of heat, even from his own supporters.

fund me

However, we ask everyone, does Tawhidi need money? Is he a fraud?

On July 24 2016, his ‘self-funded’ Islamic Association donated US$50,000 (!) to Afghanistan victims. (http://bit.ly/2tHhlEP)

On 1st of September 2016, Tawhidi claimed to return AU$175,570.00 to those who donated to an Islamic Centre, saying that now it is self funded. (http://bit.ly/2tKuPPC). Please note that this was NEVER built. surely there is a lot of this ‘self-funded’ money lying around – unless it was all a lie!

In an interview with Gad Saad, Tawhidi proudly said he has been successful in a number of business projects (note: there is no business that has ever been registered under his name in Australia) and he is financially supporting himself by himself. (http://bit.ly/2tKDm54)

On 14th and 18th of April, his organization offered plane tickets to Ismail al Wahwah, one way (http://bit.ly/2sL6sgI). Recently he also offered plane tickets to Yassmin Abdel-Magied on his twitter, which he deleted after making the go-fund-me page.

Now, Tawhidi is begging to $30,000 for his security. We cannot fathom how his organization can so easily donate US$50,000 to Afghanistan, or $175,570.00 returned to donors due to “self funding”.. yet now he says “This is a campaign from my association (Islamic Association of SA – not for profit organisation)” on his “gofundme” ? (http://bit.ly/2toikr7) And how is he offering people plane tickets?

In response to this, Tawhidi made the following video:

In summary to above, and what is important to note, is he claimed he will reveal all bank transactions in PDF format within 2017. Of course, this just belongs on the growing list of broken promises. We have seen nothing from him.

Furthermore, Tawhidi claimed he will show images of progress to his donators of his security developments.

Were are those images/videos? Another for the broken promises list.

What makes everything worse, is the images he posted shortly after, where he enjoyed a luxurious holiday! He posted these on his personal facebook page, which of course he deleted after he realised the big error he made.

$11K+ to fund his holiday… and still no signs of any security upgrade – especially considering he consistently shows videos of himself walking the streets alone, and even claiming he was attacked.

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