The Islamic Tax of Tawhidi

Tawhidi may pretend he dislikes the Islamic tax imposed upon the non-Muslims, but in fact, he is once again lying to the World.

Instead of speaking about what he believes in, regarding the Islamic tax, also known as Jizya, he starts speaking and attacking others. Let us hear what he says:

What Tawhidi doesn’t go into details with, is how he believes all disbelievers will be compelled to pay the jizya (Islamic Tax) , OR accept islam, OR be killed. 

How do we know this? Well, his teacher/mentor and idol, which Tawhidi consistently praises – Sayed Sadiq Shirazi – says so. To understand more about their relationship, see here.

Let’s see what he says:


Shirazi, Islamic Laws, Page 384

Notice in the above screenshot, that Sayed Shirazi is actually giving the disbelievers only three options. The only way you can live freely, with your own beliefs, is to pay the tax simply because you are a disbeliever. This tax is what is exchanged for the protection of the disbeliever within the Islamic Government. This is what Tawhidi believes in.

How are we sure Tawhidi prescribes to this belief? Well, as shown in the end of this post, Tawhidi not only promotes this scholar (who is his teacher), but also promotes this very same book that this is written in – and even “gifts” for free. See below:

islamic law.PNG

You can also find a link to this in PDF here.

Why does Tawhidi never condemn this book or his own teacher and idol?

Fraud, lies, taqiyyah.

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