Letter to Mayor de Blasio

Tawhidi the habitual liar, continues to try and con the world – pretending that he sent a letter back in 2016 to Mayor de Blasio.


The fool forgot to use his OLD letter head.. and instead used his new one which he only created within the past month lol. Notice the letter head he used in the past. The old letter head from a REAL letter he wrote in April 2016.. while in feb 2016 we are supposed to believe he used his NEW letter head?


Who are you fooling Tawhidi? You never warned anyone and all this “seeking legal advice about releasing them” was just buying time to write up a letter… you are so foolish you forgot to use your old letter head.

What is even funnier, is Tawhidi being called out on the scam we already picked up ony. Eric Philips is the press secretary to the NY mayor. Look at the following tweets.


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