Terrorists dressed as women.

Tawhidi has a very bad habit of misconstruing, lying, or fabricating things for his own advantage. By doing this, it only exposes his own hypocrisy.

Notice the following posts he made. The first image shows him attacking the Iranian Government for “sexually abusing a female” and somehow concluding they stole and drank the alcohol being smuggled in.



Note in the above image, his followers can sniff something suspicious. See the following image, how it shows in reality this was not even a female. It was a man dressed as a female.


The grand irony is the very next day as can be seen in the next image, Tawhidi posts about ISIS men dressing as women and celebrates how they were exposed.


For those who have a little bit of intellect, you can see how his hatred for Iran will allow him to fabricate anything he likes for the sake of his agenda. He will use ambiguous and unverified reports as truth, and reject truth as “fake news”.


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