Islamic Government

Tawhidi has consistently attacked Islamic Governments in all its forms – be it the Sunni based Saudi government, or the Shia based Iranian government. See some images below:

As evident in the above images, Tawhidi has attacked all forms of Islamic Governments – and gives off the impression he is a secular scholar, who wants ‘western democracy’ to prevail.

Keep in mind, he claims he only started ‘exposing’ the Shia governments and scholars when he became a reformer in 2016/17.. however, this is also a clear lie.. it has been much earlier, and this post from 2013 proves that:


His hatred for Iran is so strong, that he is willing to even show no sympathy to terrorist attacks happening there, but rather use these barbaric incidents to further his own agenda! Instead of condemning all forms and types of terrorism – whoever the victim may be – he will only use the blood of innocent people for the benefit of his own agenda.


Tawhidi shows no sympathy to the lives lost in Iran. Seems like he is only the ‘Imam of Peace’ when it suits his agenda. A post he quickly deleted after he realised even his supporters did not agree with him.

In fact, he gives off the impression Islam and Politics are two completely seperate things, that have nothing to do with each other.


Tawhidi demands Islam and Politics to be separated.

Now, how many people buy it? Does Tawhidi really want this? Well, to be frank – this is far from the truth. Tawhidi does want an Islamic government to rule all over the Earth.

Tawhidi subscribes to the Politics of Shirazi. To understand what the relationship between Tawhidi and Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi is, please see here.

Now, what is the Politics of Shirazi? Ultimately, a very similar government to what is in Iran at the moment. Instead of Wilayat al-Faqih (a single Muslim leader being in-charge, ruling by the Qur’an and Hadiths), they subscribe to Shurat al-Faqih (multiple Muslim leaders in-charge, ruling by the Qur’an and Hadiths). The main difference being a number of scholars conclude on passing a law or ruling. These scholars would be from an elite group. Ultimately, they still rule by the laws of Islam, as per the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Because of this difference, the Shirazi school of thought dislike the Iranian government as they desired for their system to be implemented.

Tawhidi loves this form of Islamic Governance so much, he believes (and desires) that the whole world become Muslim, through the establishment of this Islamic Government.


Now what does this form of politics include? Does this government accept western values or will it rule strictly by the law of Allah? Would a political party that opposes Islam be allowed to be established in this government? Let us see what Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi says in the book Islamic Laws, Page 645:

Q: Are there political parties in Islam?
A: There is no objection to political parties in the Islamic sense and not in the western sense. If these parties are the first step for the creation of an assembly for the implementation of the rulings of the Islamic Shari‘ah [then there is no objection], but the parties that form parliaments to bring in new legislation [contrary to the teachings of Islam] then they are not [approved of]. This is because legislation of laws is specific to Allah Almighty.

Below is a scan of this:


Shirazi, Islamic Laws, Page 645

Well, so much for democracy!

In fact, before the transition, Tawhidi has a strong statement where he says it is forbidden to run a government by anything other than the Qur’an! Any government that judges by something other than what Allah has judged (i.e. the Shari’a of the Qur’an) then they are the oppressors!

Going back to the point earlier made, that Tawhidi believes Islam and Politics should be two separate things – we look at what Tawhidi truly believes now. Take a look at the following tweet regarding the new book of his teacher, mentor, and idol – Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi. Here he is promoting the book. Again, to understand the relationship between the two, please see here.


The true politics of Tawhidi – where he believes it is indeed the very heart of Islam, as opposed to his contradictory approach to the Australian public, where he lies and says it is totally separate.

This book was sent to and distributed to politicians and leaders all over the world by Shirazi himself! See here from his official website.

Well, now you know Tawhidi really wants to implement Sharia all over the world. Do you still believe him?

Oh, and if you are interested to know how they deal with people who oppress their own? well, they will be dealt with severely! This is the Islamic Sharia that Tawhidi wants to introduce.

severly dealt with

Also, here is a 3rd party video who created this, which shows some important points, in which he says that Shirazi dictates if you fall into sin in non-Muslim countries you must return to a muslim country, such as Iran!

He recently replied to this video with the following:


Well, here are some interesting points:

  1. He claims these are ‘older’ videos from the past decade, while in reality they were from the past few years. The videos from Imam Hussain TV3 which he helped establish and proudly claims so on his website (see image below) was from as recent as 2014.
    imam hussain tv
  2. Tawhidi states that no one spoke out against him since 2007 – 2015 until he started supporting Australia publicly (2016). However, a petition was actioned on to oust him  from the station he founded (above) due to his eccentric behavior. This was in 2014!! Because of this, his contract with them was terminated. Did you forget about this, Tawhidi? See image below or click here. Notice the date, three years ago – 2014.
  3. He claims no one was trying to silence him during that time. Another lie. One of the first pages established to try and expose this man was in 2013, on the popular Shia Forum, See below, the first post in this massive thread. Link here.
  4. The “Exposing Tawhidi” page on facebook was established in 2015 also, before he claims he “woke up” in 2016
  5. What about when the Islamic Seminaries booted you out? Please see how the university he claimed to graduate from released a letter saying he was a drop out and they absolutely do not endorse him! See this post.
  6. There was NO gradual progression. It was a flick of the switch overnight, where Tawhidi publicly declared he will keep his beliefs concealed and now be more active in the media, as per request of his teacher, mentor, and idol. See here to see this public statement.
  7. There was a blog established in “defence” of Tawhidi back in 2011.. All posts were deleted because obviously his “defenders” realised he was also a fraud. Note the date it was created. 2011. If no one was against you why was there a need to have defenders of you? ha! Blog can be found here:
  8. If you are wondering about pre-2011? Well.. he was a nobody, making no noise. Just a kid.

It is clear Tawhidi is back-peddling – but a lie can only carry you so far.

Tawhidi – you hate all forms of Islamic governance – yet you promote Shirazi and his book, one which is being spread to all leaders of the world to implement. Either come out and say you are a fake, and that you indeed desire the Shirazi Islamic Government to be implemented all around the world – or denounce Shirazi and his wish to spread Islamic government around the world. We are waiting.

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