Tawhidi’s Book

This post was to document the development of the alleged book that Tawhidi will publish. We doubt it will ever be published as he is known to make many promises, only to break or never fulfill them. He said it should be ready around Christmas time, 2017 (shown in the second image in this article).

However, if he does – and we hope he does – it will only highlight more inconsistencies and lies of his.

Keep in mind he previously (2016) stated he was releasing a book soon, but it was never released:

prophecy book

As for this new book, he first mentioned that the thought was in his mind in early 2017:


And He first mentioned writing a book on June 9, 2017 – where he promised to include many pictures.


He then announced he will publish a book in some deleted posts, then made claims that his book preview of 50 pages was rejected by publishers for being too controversial. He promised not to remove any controversial passages, and that release date is around Christmas time. In typical fashion, the daily mail then made an article about this.


On July 30, 2017 – Tawhidi shares progress in which he is in the second chapter, and further explaining that it will have 10 chapters, with the last explaining some practical solutions to ‘reform’.


October 11, 2017 – Tawhidi mentions the book again.


One important point to mention about this specific post, is that those who attended this particular event commented on the facebook page. The post can be found here. See screenshot below which shows what really happened, and how they feel about Tawhidi.


On October 14th, surprisingly, Tawhidi claims the book is coming along much faster than projected (remember, original release date was supposed to be Christmas 2017).


October 7 & 21, 2017 – Another mention of his book.

A sneak peak of his book was mentioned on the 8th of November:


Finally, on November 11th 2017, it is claimed that it is finished. An image of a USB is shown, claiming that it is all completed ready to be edited and published.


We eagerly await.

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