But they used to invite me!

Tawhidi tries to trick the world by saying he was always a recognized Imam previously before he ‘reformed’ and became a peace-preacher:

These statements and pictures are filled with lies and deception. Firstly, here is a video done by the ‘Tawhidi Exposed’ facebook page:

Secondly, we know that Tawhidi lies about what he was doing at those places, and what he preached about. Here is an example of what Tawhidi lied about:


If we speak to people who actually attended these ‘lessons’ we find it had nothing to do with ‘world peace’ as he claims:


Other places he attended were open events that did not require invitation, nor was he invited – but rather showed up. These are events that were run in the heart of Melbourne Central, for example:

Please note these practices are the same type of practices that is still secretly supported by Tawhidi. See here.

Aside from this, we must emphasise that Tawhidi only visited fringe Shia centres, and no major ones, and only ones that were run by his own teacher, Sayed Sadiq Shirazi. In these centres, he only took part in rituals that he continues to secretly support.

As for the mainstream Muslims, or even the mainstream Shia, they have been against Tawhidi since day one. For example, he claims that his opposition only began to emerge in 2016/17, when he ‘reformed’.. yet people have been against him since 2011 !

The opposition since day one was proved in another post, where he said the following:


We replied:

  1. He claims these are ‘older’ videos from the past decade, while in reality they were from the past few years. The videos from Imam Hussain TV3 which he helped establish and proudly claims so on his website (see image below) was from as recent as 2014.
    imam hussain tv
  2. Tawhidi states that no one spoke out against him since 2007 – 2015 until he started supporting Australia publicly (2016). However, a petition was actioned on change.org to oust him  from the station he founded (above) due to his eccentric behavior. This was in 2014!! Because of this, his contract with them was terminated. Did you forget about this, Tawhidi? See image below or click here. Notice the date, three years ago – 2014.
  3. He claims no one was trying to silence him during that time. Another lie. One of the first pages established to try and expose this man was in 2013, on the popular Shia Forum, ShiaChat.com. See below, the first post in this massive thread. Link here.
  4. The “Exposing Tawhidi” page on facebook was established in 2015 also, before he claims he “woke up” in 2016
  5. What about when the Islamic Seminaries booted you out? Please see how the university he claimed to graduate from released a letter saying he was a drop out and they absolutely do not endorse him! See this post.
  6. There was NO gradual progression. It was a flick of the switch overnight, where Tawhidi publicly declared he will keep his beliefs concealed and now be more active in the media, as per request of his teacher, mentor, and idol. See here to see this public statement.
  7. There was a blog established in “defence” of Tawhidi back in 2011.. All posts were deleted because obviously his “defenders” realised he was also a fraud. Note the date it was created. 2011. If no one was against you why was there a need to have defenders of you? ha! Blog can be found here: http://truthfultawhidi.blogspot.com.au/
  8. If you are wondering about pre-2011? Well.. he was a nobody, making no noise. Just a kid.

Thus, it is clear that Tawhidi has been opposed since 2011, so his claims of always being supported until he reformed in 2016/17 is absolutely baseless.

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