Islamic Unity between Shia & Sunni

One of the topics that Tawhidi is clearly confused about, or is habitually lying about, is Islamic Unity.

You will find, throughout his history, he has moderately called for Islamic unity, while other times shown no mercy to anyone who does not share the same beliefs as himself.

Aside from the consistent cursing and insults mentioned in another post, we first look at some tweets and facebook posts that show he has no interest in Islamic unity.

Now that these tweets and posts clearly show a side of Tawhidi that absolutely abhors Islamic unity – you would not expect him to ever be promoting it, right? Wrong.

Further than this, to create more rage within the Sunni school of thought, he would often travel to Indonesia – a majority Sunni populated country – and promote it as being Indoneshia. For a man who always claims country comes before religion, you can imagine how upset the Sunni Indonesians would be.


Clearly, Tawhidi shows great inconsistencies, where at times he is open to Islamic unity, and at times spills hatred and bigotry. Just one of his many inconsistencies.

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