Promises he has not kept.

One of the biggest issues with Tawhidi is he always makes promises to squeeze himself out of a sticky situation, by claiming he will do X in the near future – but never fulfills this promise. Here is an archive of some of those things.

1. Recite the Qur’an off by heart. Never happened

recite qur'an

2. Islamic Association of SA Finances revealed

See this post, and also video below. We have not seen anything of these finances at all.

3. Images and or/videos of progress for his ‘Go Fund Me‘ Scam.

Tawhidi made a Go Fund Me page, in which he promised to show progress. We have seen nothing and people continue to be scammed into giving him money. Over $11K in his bank account which he ended up enjoying in a nice holiday. Details can be found here.

video of works

4. Debate anyone about any theological topic.

Tawhidi once invited anyone to debate him:

However, he pulled out of inviting anyone and limited to only Sunnis. See more details here, where we have challenged him but refused to accept.


5. Reply to the statement from Al-Mustafa University that he is a fraud.

Tawhidi made the claim that he graduated from Al-Mustafa University. However he was exposed as the University came out and stated that he was a drop out. This video reveals all.

This is the statement released by Al-Mustafa University.


In June 11, he stated that he will reveal all on June 27th 2017. We have heard nothing.

He also stated in the following video, that he will soon release documents. Again, nothing.

You can see more details about this fraud here.

5. Book release by Christmas 2017.

See the following post here for details. It is claimed this book will be released within 2017. Still no release. Keep in mind there were many books Tawhidi promised to release, but never did. For example, this book was never released, which was “coming soon” since 2016:

prophecy book.PNG


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