Tawhidi Response

On the 10th of June, the Hussaineyat Alnabe Alakram Association Inc. issued a statement against Tawhidi. This is a Shia centre. Please see below:


Tawhidi responded to this with the following video:

This video is filled with lies and fabrications. We have made two videos responding to this, and the rest will be explained.

Video response Part 1:


Video response Part 2:


Aside from these two videos, we further state the following:

1. The photos he shared are from canada and he claimed its in Australia. The banner clearly says “Canada” in Arabic.

2. Not one “main” centre or mosque invited him to attend.

3. Tawhidi managed after begging a small centre to speak there. They accepted as they felt sorry for him and thought we should give him a chance as a student to practice.

4. Ashura rally is a public event and anyone can attend. Tawhidi attended the rally without any invitation and he was not running it.

Once again, Tawhidi attempts to deceive the world, but fails.


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