Another fascinating contradiction we find with Tawhidi is his stance on Zionism.

First, let us look at the google definition of Zionism. Basically, it is that Israel belongs to the Jews.


Now, does Tawhidi fit this description? Does he believe that Israel belongs to the Jews? Let us see what ‘old’ Tawhidi used to say about Zionism before the ‘transition.’


As you can see, he used zionism as an insult or a word with negative connotation. In fact even today if you ask him if he is a zionist, he will say he is not (this will be proven soon).

Furthermore, if we look at his ‘no taqiyyah arabic’ facebook post done with his personal account, you will find him saying that Israel stole ‘our’ (meaning Muslim) land.

tawhidi israel.PNG

OP: Israel is more honourable than any Islamic nation
Mohammad Tawhidi: Israel stole the land from the Muslims,
And the Islamic nations stole their religion,
The (state) of the Earth/land changes with migrations,
However, the religion – if it deviates – it destroys the world,
and Da`esh (ISIS) is the greatest proof of this.

However, even before the transition, Tawhidi began speaking rubbish about the Shia not liking Palestine (a lie).


See point 5 from this sectarian filled tweet-fest.

The above post was directed towards the Iranian led occassion, introduced by Sayed al-Khomeini while he was alive, called Quds day. A march to show solidarity with Palestine and all other nations or people oppressed. Tawhidi states in the above tweet that this event is foolery and that the Shia don’t like Palestine! (a very odd claim indeed).

However, his biggest claim – and one of the main reasons he shot to fame, was the speech he gave at the Rotary club, where he clearly states Palestine is Jewish land.

The funny thing about all this is, he is so frustrated, concerned and confused as to why he is called a zionist despite all these things that he has said. Well, he clearly does not even know what the word ‘zionist’ means!!

In one of the most awkward interviews Tawhidi has had – listen to this discussion about zionism with Avi Yemini. Of course, Avi is a proud zionist – and it is no wonder these two get along so well!:

Well, Tawhidi.. you are a Zionist by definition – but do not want to be labelled with it… Just one of the many contradictions of Tawhidi.

Clearly, for anyone with intellect, you can see he is either lying – or he has no idea what he is talking about.

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