Physical Contact with Females

Tawhidi attacks Linda Sarsour in this image for being hugged by a man… but as a ‘reformer’ who holds ‘Australian Values’ above ‘Islamic Values’, shouldn’t he be supporting her?


In fact, why is it that we have never seen you, Tawhidi, have any physical contact with a female? Do you feel that you are superior, as Pauline Hanson says? Why do you always wear a single white glove when meeting women?


Well, the simple answer is he takes Sharia Law over Australian Values. Notice how he once tweeted that it is hypocrisy and unethical to not shake the hands of the women, yet he has never done it before on camera… however, one interesting point is he tries to deceive us all by making sure if he is ever forced to shake hands, he does it with a glove!


How do we know? check out the fatwa from Sayed Sadiq Shirazi.. his teacher who he refuses to condemn.Watch this video, and see how he greets people. Remember, we believe it is up to everyone to greet people the way they are comfortable with – but Tawhidi is just a hypocrite, because he claims he always takes Australian values above Sharia Law, and further more attacks others, like Linda Sarsour – while deceiving others about his own beliefs and actions. Have you ever seen Tawhidi shake a females hand without a glove?

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