Tawhidi and wife beating

Tawhidi has a habit of changing his narrative as he goes, just to please the masses with his habitual lying and taqiyyah.

Let us hear how he described what wife beating is on the Bolt Report:

Now, as you can see – Bolt didn’t like this. Tawhidi had a bit of a situation and had to start back peddling.

Note – Tawhidi states the following:

  1. It means “beat” them.
  2. It was revealed so that men “beat” instead of kill.
  3. The beating is a soft symbolic tap.

Ironically, a week or two later he begins attacking Hizb al-Tahrir for the exact same comments and positions!!

See their original video below.

They say:

  1. It means “beat” them.
  2. It was revealed so that men “beat” instead of kill.
  3. The beating is a soft symbolic tap.

They were almost identical in their stance! Yet Tawhidi begins a social media campaign against them. You can hear it on 2GB radio here: http://www.2gb.com/podcast/rebel-imam-on-hizb-ut-tahrir-video/


Tawhidi claims Hizb ut-Tahrir promote violence, even though they echoed exactly what Tawhidi said!

Aside from this, we have found, from the vaults, a video of Tawhidi teaching his students in his self-established Islamic Seminary. He has made this video private (or deleted it) now that he needs to hide his true beliefs. I wonder why this video was deleted by Tawhidi? Also note, this is not an old video.. it was from his Islamic Seminary, where he presented this material last year.

Note – again he says the following:

  1. Alternative to killing
  2. Symbolic tap
  3. Can use a Miswak

Why call for Hizb ut-Tahrir to be deported when you share the same beliefs?


Hypocrisy and lying at its finest.

Of course now that he is exposed, he tries to do a backflip (or in other words, up the ante on Taqiyyah!), and claim it means “to leave them” – similar to hunger strike (??)

Once again, after realising the absurdity of this, Tawhidi has once again reverted to his original position. On 13th June 2017 he claims again it is an alternative to beating. However, he now claims it does is just a historical advice to that time and not applicable today. It is quite amazing how many times Tawhidi has adjusted his opinion on this in public. A fool certainly speaks before he thinks.

What is amazing is Tawhidi claims that what Allah, Mighty and Majestic, brought to the world at the time of the Prophet (sawa) was barbaric. It was a problem to cover another problem. What is more bizarre it is not even a symbolic tap but rather proper beating! Outrageous – and yet he claims this was the “peaceful” interpretation!


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