Shia hatred

Tawhidi has shown some enmity towards select groups of Shia. In particular anyone who does not follow, adhere, or support the Shirazi school of thought, you will find Tawhidi attacking – in particular those in line with the Iranian regime.

For example, the scholar he was brought up to follow and admire, Sayed Fadhlullah, become one of the scholars who he attacked, along with their followers. The following two tweets shows that Tawhidi does not even consider Fadhlullah followers as Shia.

In fact you will find Tawhidi attacking almost all Shia scholars, from Sayed Khomeini to Sayed al-Khoi. At times, he would use extremely vulgar language:

Interestingly, you will never find him criticizing any of the Shirazi family. For those who have intellect, it is clear that all he wishes to promote, is his brand of Islam – which is the Shirazi brand of Islam.

Needless to say, Tawhidi despises the Iranian regime – who are on bad terms with the Shirazi family. He consistently attacks the Iranian government and their policies. However, this will be covered in another post.


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