The Official Change (and proof of Taqiyyah)

After many silly mistakes, mishaps, misguidances, and crazy statements of Tawhidi in the past, Tawhidi was advised by his teacher, mentor and idol – Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi – to change his ways. To understand the relationship between the two, see here.

Tawhidi produced a letter, stating he is changing his ways.


A few important points to note about this letter. We will also highlight which are lies according to the general masses of Shia.

  1. He admits his past was filled with controversy.
  2. His past statements were taught to him (lies, they are not the true teachings of the Shia).
  3. Those past statements were not introduced by him, but rather – he was the first to publicize them in the English language. (lies, the Islamic Seminaries do not teach this rubbish).
  4. None of the teaching he said are incorrect in his opinion.
  5. He believes these teachings were better of concealed.
  6. He will be more active in media
  7. His Marja Taqlid (i.e. Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi) is the one who has ordered for him with this change.
  8. He pays obeisance to his mentor and teacher.
  9. He desires that his work will be recorded in history besides his name (this is just as much for his ego than anything!)

The point that needs to be highlighted is point 5. “He believes these teachings were better of concealed.” Well. If anyone needs more proof that he is using taqiyyah – or in reality, plain lying about his true beliefs – this is it.

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