@brothertawhidi Twitter account

The @brothertawhidi account was previously owned and run by Tawhidi. On this twitter account, he would make crazy and radical tweets which truly showed how ignorant he was.

After some time being exposed, he eventually deleted his account, and claimed it was never run by himself.

This was important for him, since he was about to get a job with the Shirazi run TV station, and needed to clean up his act.

Although he will continue to maintain it was a fake account – the account managed to consistently post personal images of Tawhidi, not found anywhere else on the internet.

Now, the @brothertawhidi account is run by someone who has kept an archive of all his previous posts. He states: “All previous tweets (other than the Tips thread) are actual words of the impostor Sheikh @ImamOfPeace – pulled from Archive.org

To see his old posts, please go to the twitter page, found here: https://twitter.com/brothertawhidi

His new official account previously had the username “Brother Tawhidi” with the handle @Tawhidicom (his official website url) – but eventually changed it to Imam Tawhidi with the handle @Imamofpeace.

To ensure we do not mix up his old and new account, all twitter screenshots are taken from his new page, either with the handle @Tawhidicom or @Imamofpeace. Please note, he most likely would have already deleted, or will delete, many of the screenshots found, since they are used to expose him – which is typical of Tawhidi’s behavior.

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