Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi

Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi is one of the Grand Ayatollah’s (highest rank) that reside in Iran. His family are considered controversial by many Shia Muslims, for their direct approach and strong criticisms of the Iranian government.


Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Hussaini al-Shirazi.

Tawhidi seemed to have been “crowned” by Sayed Shirazi, and Tawhidi claims his legitimacy as a scholar comes through him.


Tawhidi being ‘crowned’ with his turban by Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi.


Tawhidi has letters on his website which are allegedly signed and stamped from Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi himself, where Ayatollah Sayid Hussain Shirazi’s letter congratulating Shaikh M. Tawhidi upon receiving his Islamic Turban; and a Statement of The Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi’s Islamic Seminary (Hawza of Al Rasool al A’tham), The Holy City of Qum which speaks highly of Tawhidi.

Also on his website, Tawhidi has claimed that he has repeatedly acted and spoken on behalf of Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi, for example he met with the Ambassador of France to Australia, Mr. Christophe Lecourtier in Adelaide’s town hall.

Tawhidi has met with Sayed Sadiq Shirazi on multiple occasions:


In the following video, we have Tawhidi attempting to kiss the feet of Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi:

Tawhidi also promoted the use of Sayed Sadiq Shirazi’s interpretation of Islam. Tawhidi himself help promote and distribute the book “Islamic Laws” by Shirazi.

islamic law

In an interview with today tonight, he also sported the book for all of Australia to see (see minute 3:00+).

Here is the PDF of the file. Have a read of Shirazi’s teachings, and you will find much contradictions to what Tawhidi is saying. So why is he promoting it?

Tawhidi also promotes Sayed Shirazi at any chance possible, with his images plastered all over his facebook and even his own new office.


Tawhidi also teaches the Shirazi teachings at an Islamic Seminary that he had established in Indonesia:


This Islamic Seminary is officialy a part of the Shirazi family and under the authority of Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi. This was announced on the Shirazi official website here and here.

And let us not forget his establishment of TV stations there, propagating the Shirazi school of thought. Multiple languages too.

tv station

The Zainabiyah Hawza of Australia was also established in Australia under the directions and guidance of Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi. This was made clear on his official english website, here. It says:

In honour of this auspicious occasion; the birth of the pure generous lady, the parable of boldness and patience, the transcendent maiden, Lady Zaynab Al-Kubra, Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon her, came in to fruition based on the instructions laid out by his Eminence, the Respected Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Hussaini Shirazi, May Allah Protect Him, in which he stated that the culture and teachings of the Holy Household are to be spread and taught world-wide…. Among the guests that participated in this celebration was the respected Hujjāt Al-Islam, Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi, the founder of The Zaynabiyah Hawza of Australia, who announced in his speech the opening of the Islamic Seminary.

By now, it should be clear that there is a strong connection between Tawhidi and Shirazi.

If anyone has any further doubts – in March 2017, Tawhidi said the following:

shirazi authority.PNG

Tawhidi declares Shirazi as his Grand Authority, likening him to the Pope for Catholics.

However, what is extremely ironic, is that many of the teachings of Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi are strongly against what the ‘new’ Tawhidi propagates in Australia!

Addendum: Recently, Tawhidi spoke about Shirazi when he was questioned on the Secular Jihadists interview. Look at how he basically does not say he disagrees with anything, but rather continues to praise and even says “he is not at his level to clash with him”:

November 20, he reaffirmed his allegiance and support of Shirazi (and vice versa) with the following post:

Slowly, but surely, we will go through them one by one – and continue to ask the question: If you are against so many of the teachings of your teacher, mentor, and idol – why do you promote and idolise him so much? Furthermore, why do you attack other schools of thoughts for positions and stances that your own teacher holds?

Well, it’s easy to answer. Either Tawhidi is a fraud, or he is fooling the Australian nation with taqiyyah.

Posts highlighting the contradictions between the two, to date:


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