About this page.

This page is dedicated in exposing the true colours and character of the self-proclaimed “Imam of Peace” – Tawhidi.

We will document the following:

  1. His history, and his previous beliefs.
  2. His gradual change, and his statements which reveal his new mission.
  3. The many contradictions and fallacies in his new position and stances.

Please note, this page is run by a group of Shia Muslims who live in Australia.

Opposing him does not mean we support ISIS or any form of terrorism. On the contrary, we hope ISIS, a disease to this world, is eradicated.

However, we oppose his approach in creating tension and sectarianism within the peaceful land of Australia, and his calls for banning of immigration and harsh stance on Asylum Seekers, and his misuse of Islamic scriptures which he uses for his own agendas – among other things.

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