Tawhidi and the “Flags”

Images speak louder than words.

tawhidi flag.jpg

Tawhidi, why do you attack people who use logos in the same font and style as ISIS or Al-Qaeda, while this is on your own instagram? (Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/qH9wBEo8Mp/?taken-by=imamtawhidi)

Don’t be surprised if he deletes it. And don’t be surprised if he creates a silly excuse on his next live feed.

What the Flag on Tawhidi’s image says:
“There is sword like dhul-fiqar (a sword used by Ali, peace be upon him, the companion of the Prophet)”
Ali is the vicegerent of Allah.
The Alawid [Islamic] State within Iraq and Sham.”

Tawhidi there were so many flags and so many fonts to choose from, why choose this? Oh, the Irony.

Another interesting case is his secretary. here you are promoting your “secretary” in which you have romantic walks on the beach with.


His twitter that you are promoting seems to be clean.. but why don’t you promote his facebook? Let’s have a look, and browse these snapshots.

Tawhidi, you seem to attack others over ambiguous things like the “same font” or simply the slogan of “there is no god but Allah” which you suggest resembles ISIS or al-Qaeda.. yet your little secretary has SWORDS all over the place.. are you going to speak out? correct his behavior?

I mean, we – the shia of Ali – have no problem sharing the sword of this great man on our pages… but you.. you Tawhidi are the “Imam of Peace”.. he should have roses!!

And look at that FONT!!! Oh my gosh.. looks EXACTLY like the font all these other organizations use… hmm?

AND THAT T-SHIRT!! white swords on black.. oh my!

Taqiyyah 101. Tawhidi you’re doing it wrong! Clean your trail, innit.

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