Female Leadership

One of the calls of Tawhidi for reforming Islam is ‘Female Leadership’.

For anyone who thinks Tawhidi is sincere in this call – then think again.

Firstly, this is just an attempt to attack the Sunni school of thought. Tawhidi is no stranger to sectarianism.


Tawhidi using the call to leadership for females as a way of attacking Aisha, the wife of the Prophet (sawa). This no doubt is a stab at the revered Sunni figure.

As you can see, he consistently uses this to attack the Sunni school of thought. Ironically, he never uses it to attack the Shia school of thought – and in particular, the Shirazi school of thought. Double standards? Or does this just expose his agenda.

Let us see what Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi – the teacher, mentor and idol of Tawhidi (you can read more about their relationship here) – says about Female Leadership in the book Islamic Laws, page 465.

In Islam, the ranking of woman is equal to that of man in their rights and obligations, except for one degree which is the degree of qiwamah, for [men are in charge of women, because of what Allah has granted some of them over others, and by virtue of their spending out of their wealth]. (The Holy Qur’an, Women 4:34) This degree of qiwamah is not a reflection of a deficiency in woman at all, but the qiwamah or the “leadership and headship” is something inevitable if life is to flow with relative ease and in an organised manner; “it is inevitable for people to have a leader, whether good or bad”, (Nahj al-Bala>ghah, sermon 40, p82) in other words the qiwamah is obligatory upon man himself, would men refuse to appoint a leader for them? This is when we have in the traditions that even if two travel together they should choose one as the leader, let alone the case of a household containing male and female individuals; shouldn’t one of them be the leader and the head of the household?

Shirazi here, clearly believes it is divinely ordained that the male should be in positions of leadership over females. A question to Tawhidi is, why are you so concerned about Sunnis, while your own teacher, mentor, and idol promotes male leadership over female leadership? Shouldn’t you call him out first? Please keep in mind this same book is the one Tawhidi promotes and distributes! (See here for information on Tawhidi promoting this book, along with a PDF version of it. Snapshot below of the above quote).


Shirazi, Islamic Laws, Page 465

When confronted about these inconsistencies, he first states that his teachers opinions are relevant only under Islamic governments. This is a blatent lie, as the passage above written by Shirazi clearly states that it is in all circumstances, be it on travels or within the home. Secondly, it was made extremely clear by Tawhidi that his stance on this issue is irrelevant to the Shia, but rather his rhetoric is only directed towards the Sunnis!!


Interestingly, He elsewhere also claims the Qur’an (which he believes is correct, unlike sunni books) does give preference of man over woman. Contradiction, much?


So, is this just one of Tawhidi’s crazy contradictions – or is he doing taqiyyah?

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