Tawhidi attacks people for “following” the “sharia” in not listening to Music. It is rather interesting that he attacks the layman in this issue, and even quotes Prophet Mohammed (sawa) in saying it is haram. But of course, he is a “reformer” and is open to western values… But let us see the double standards of Tawhidi.

1. He attacks those who say anything positive Music, saying it is contradictory to the teachings of ‘radical’ islam which he proposes a majority of muslims (over 90%) follow. He mocks those who say Music is forbidden as a backwards thinking and “radical” Islam. (


2. He consistently attacks the Iranian Leader, Sayed Khamene’i, for being an extremist and a terrorist, yet he himself has tweeted his appreciation for some types of Music, EVEN WESTERN Music!!! Will you praise him for this, Tawhidi? (


3. Meanwhile, his teacher and idol, which he has NEVER EVER attacked, and continues to PROMOTE and DEFEND, has said some “extreme” things, from the point of view of the west.. When will you condemn him, Tawhidi? (

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